Do you need help working out what's next in your career?

Do you know what you want to do next, but you just don't know how?

If there was a systematic, step-by-step process to answer both those questions...

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Here’s why anything short of an emphatic “yes” could cost you time and frustration

For nearly twenty years I've worked with career changers from all walks of life to help them create their career strategy and take the next step to getting the job they want.

Whether that's breaking through to the next level, escaping corporate or changing career completely, I've seen pretty much everything that works (and a whole lot more that doesn't), and it's my absolute belief that following the process set out in Career Maximiser is the most efficient way to identify your next career move and take the next step to achieving it.

But it's not for everyone. This is not some quick fix where you fill out a short questionnaire and an algorithm tells you what job you should be doing. 

The course is going to ask you for an investment of time and commitment - you know, the stuff that's needed to do just about anything properly and get lasting results.

As you work step-by-step through the course you'll gather the evidence you need to convince potential employers  that you're the person they're looking for.  You'll get the clarity and the confidence to take charge of your career and to start making the changes you want to see. 

At the end of the process I don't want you to get a job offer. I want you to be choosing  between multiple offers - all for work that you're genuinely interested in. If you're prepared to follow the steps laid out in the course then this can be the outcome for you - as it has been for many others who I've worked with in the past.

Have a look at the videos on here to find out more and, if you're ready, come and join me on the course and start taking charge of your career.


Why I created the Career Maximiser course...

Take a look at what's included....

Module 1 - Self assessment





Why you need a career strategy




Work environment & managers

Longer-term goals

Module 2 - Evaluating Options

Brainstorming ideas

Evaluating options

Module 3 - Targeting Opportunities

Identifying target companies

Contacting potential employers

Module 4 - Preparing for Interviews

The role of the Interviewer

The criteria interviewers use to assess you

Using the STARR method

How an interviewer assesses your answers

The biggest mistakes and how to avoid them

Preparing for a successful interview

+  your downloadable Personalised Career Strategy Report

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Video support

Downloadable resources

Track your progress

Detailed instructions

Rank your criteria

Build your framework

Score options

Prioritised targets

Further research

Targeting companies

Interview training

Personalised report

Why it's so important to have a career strategy...

The last module of the course focuses on preparing for interviews.  We were lucky enough to get recruitment guru Elizabeth Bird to share her expertise on the videos.

Lizzie has recruited for Fortune 500 companies across the Financial Services, Consulting and Energy sectors. Not only has she recruited for these companies, she's also designed the actual recruitment processes the companies use AND trained their interviewing managers on how to use them. Quite literally, she is **The Boss** of recruitment!

In between shooting the videos I grabbed Lizzie and asked her opinion on how important it is that candidates do some structured careers thinking before approaching potential employers.

You'll hear me talk a lot about preparing, doing the groundwork, doing the research, and all that stuff which can sometimes just feel like H.A.R.D. work. Well, here's the reason why it's all worth it...

Joining options...

All the tools, structure and support you need are here, so join me on the course today and let’s start making a plan to get you the job you want.

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Money Back Guarantee

 If you’re on the fence, if you’re not sure…

I want to give you EVERY opportunity to experience the Career Maximiser course and see how it can help you achieve your career ambitions.

Which is why I’m offering you a full 30 Days to get started with the course, dive into the modules and start building your career strategy. If for any reason you’re not happy and the course isn’t meeting your expectations, just say!

For full details, click here

Ryan, Mohammad and Ken talk about their experiences of using the Maximiser course...

Some more....

Mireya Garcia

Mireya Garcia,
Third Sector Program Management


The online course and the exercises were really helpful to me. They allowed me to better understand my capabilities, values and goals, build a better understanding of where I want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time, and the steps I need to take to make that possible.

Esma  Ziat


Esma Ziat,
Social Entrepreneur


The Maximiser course helped me to define the skills I am good at and enjoy using, my interests and core values. I was then able to understand what kind of career and work environment will be right for me. I highly recommend the Maximiser course to everyone who needs guidance through the career decision-making journey.

Natasha Barber Evans

Natasha Barbar Evans,
Regional Entrepreneur Director


The Maximiser course helped me to reflect on what I really wanted from my next career move and my future career goals. I watched the interview videos to help me prepare for an intensive assessment day for a job interview and I was successful. I'm looking forward to starting a job that I really want with an organisation which has values that match my own. Thank you.

Rachel Willers

Rachel Willers,
Head of New Business Development


If I'd not gone on the course with Jane I may not have got my current job. She's fantastic!

Career Maximiser Course

Here’s the Number One Reason to grab your place on the Career Maximiser course right now…

The best time to start your career planning was yesterday, the next best time is today!

I want you to stop living for the weekend, to stop dreading Mondays, to stop boring your partner or your friends about how miserable you are at work! 

Imagine being so into what you do that you totally lose track of time and the day goes by in the blink of an eye. 

It might not happen overnight, but together we can make a plan, and from there you can start to take control of your career again.

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Wherever you are in your career journey, I'm ready to help with the next step. Let's make a start together...

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